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​Ameritas Coronavirus response​

At Ameritas, our top priorities are the health, safety, happiness, and well-being of our customers, our associates, and those with whom we do business. We are monitoring the latest coronavirus developments and doing our part to minimize stress and provide comfort any way we can.

Our digital systems allow us to protect our employees and still provide customer service. And we’re focused on minimizing disruptions.

Please read our FAQ for details about coverage, claims, and much more. And visit our website for updates.

We’re here to help, so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most during this uncertain time.

Ameritas rewards and incentive plans during the pandemic

Earlier this year, dental offices were closed for several months because of COVID-19. Many of our customers were not able to visit the dentist as planned. As the pandemic continues to surge in areas of the country, we know some will remain unable to, or will choose not to, visit the dentist.

Our rewards and incentive dental plans require an annual visit to earn and retain rewards, and to advance and maintain coinsurance levels. To help provide relief during the pandemic, insured members who were not able to visit the dentist in 2020 will NOT be penalized. 

Employees who earned rewards prior to 2020, but were unable to visit the dentist in 2020, will keep the rewards they have but not earn new ones. 

If a group has an incentive plan, employees will remain at the coverage level they attained in 2019 if they were unable to visit the dentist in 2020.

This applies to both Dental Rewards and Ameritas Rewards plans, and to all types of incentive coinsurance plans that require an annual visit. 

Groups with plans that run on a benefit or plan year, rather than a calendar year, may have two separate benefit periods during 2020. The dental visit requirement will be excused for 2020 only. 

Regular plan rules apply as of January 1, 2021. But of course we will continue to monitor the pandemic in relation to our customers’ benefits ongoing. 

NOTE: ASO groups with rewards or incentive plans must opt in to receive this benefit via a letter of intent by October 10, 2020.

If you have questions, please contact your Ameritas sales representative.

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Podcast: Individual dental and vision help provide benefits to all employees

You help your clients offer group benefit plans to full-time employees. But what about part-time or contract workers?

Today, 85% of part-time employees and 86% of contract employees have individual or family medical benefit plans. You can help them obtain dental and vision coverage the same way.

Eric Tupper, regional vice president of group sales for Ameritas’ Southeast region, talked with Employee Benefit News magazine about how employers can offer dental and vision coverage to those who traditionally don’t qualify for employer-sponsored benefits, including retirees.

Listen to this podcast discussion to learn more – and share it with your clients.

Dual option dental plans expanding in California and Nevada

We’ve experienced a rise in requests to expand our offerings to include a DMHO plan option. We heard you. We’re excited to let you know that now we offer PPO plans alongside DHMO plans in specific counties in Nevada and California, with hopes to expand to additional states soon. These plans are available for September 1, 2020 quotes.

View details about the plans in our newest marketing materials:

Dual Option Dental Plans
Dual Option Dental – CA & NV

Updated and new marketing materials

Dental and vision together: Did you know that you can add a VSP vision plan to an Ameritas dental plan? This combination of benefits is called Focus with Dental. This new marketing brochure highlights the advantages of combining these two benefits.

Individual dental and vision: It is now easier than ever to explain the value of individual dental and vision insurance plans. The dental overview shows how much a member can save with common dental procedures, and the vision overview shows the value of individual insurance when purchasing eyewear. You can insert your unique shopping link on each piece.

Presidential Tee One Up

The annual Presidential Tee One Up producer contest kicks off October 1. Winners will enjoy a spectacular trip to Pinehurst golf resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina in June 2021.

The contest runs October 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021. You can earn double credit for cases with effective dates in October, November and December.

For more information about the Tee One Up producer contest, contact your sales rep. See you on the links!


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